Lady Dior Mini Wallets

Lady Dior Mini Wallets

There are endless of addictive Lady Dior Wallets and we’ve featured them all. To name a few; the Lady Dior Compact Voyageur Wallet, the Lady Dior Yen Wallet or the Voyageur Wallet. The Dior Mini Wallet is the tiniest size and super cute. It looks and feels as classic as any Lady Dior designs. But … Read more

Lady Dior Compact Voyageur Wallets

Lady Dior Compact Voyageur Wallets thumb

If a compact wallet is your cup of tea then you might be thrilled to know that the newest addition to the Lady Dior Collection fulfills all your wallet wishes! We are honored to present to you these Lady Dior Compact Voyageur Wallets. Exuding Dior’s signature timeless elegance, the Cannage design in lambskin leather is … Read more

Lady Dior Rendez-Vous Wallets

Lady Dior Rendez Vous Wallets thumb 1

As Rachel Zoe aptly puts it, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And trust us, you don’t need to do any talking with the Lady Dior Rendez-Vous Wallet in tow. After the Diorama Rendez-Vous Wallet and the Miss Dior Rendez-Vous Wallet, Dior now introduces its Lady Dior Rendez-Vous … Read more