Diorama Pink Baby Pouch with Chain

Diorama Pink Baby Pouch with Chain thumb

When you can’t choose between right and wrong, we’re here to help. Though sometimes the choices are depending on personal preferences, but there are bags that are universally considered ‘Gorgeous’. Like this Diorama Pink Baby Pouch with Chain. Thinking of rewarding yourself with a Wallet On Chain or a Small Evening Bag? Well, look no … Read more

Diorama Crystal Pouch

Diorama Crystal Pouch thumb

From the rising popular Diorama Collection, Christian Dior is bringing this beautiful pouch version to life. Yes, it’s that newest to-die-for Diorama Crystal Pouch. Make an everlasting fashion statement with the Diorama Crystal Pouch. Considered to be an essential fashion piece in any woman’s fashion book, this black pouch is the right accessory you need … Read more

Diorama Perforated Baby Pouch With Chain

Diorama Perforated Baby Pouch thumb

It was launched as the ‘first complete flap bag’ of Dior. The squared and boxy shape, embellished with creative objects like badges, flower prints, multicolor diamond prints and so on. The possibilities were endless. When the Diorama Flap Bag hit the runway, it looked bold, feminine and yet with a little touch of boyish. It … Read more

Diorama Wallet On Chain Review

Diorama Wallet On Chain Review thumb

For all those trendy Homo sapiens out there, just one thing has been the centre of all talks, and that’s certainly WOCs aka Wallet on chain handbags. The versatility, cost and style of WOCs, that are the designer shoulder cum clutch bags for your ideal weekends, is something too glam to handle. So, for real! … Read more