Benedetta Buzziches Arial Clutches

Benedetta Buzziches Arial Clutches thumb

The name is perhaps not something you will remember right away, but the handbags are unforgettable. Designed like it’s crafted from nature, these evening bags are certainly eye-catching. Blend it with your natural outfit or with simple white and black dresses. The clutches will boast the overall look with their transparent multicolor. There are lots … Read more

Celine Strap Clutches

Celine Strap Clutch With Strap thumb

You might wonder: ‘is this a duplicate post? Haven’t we already talked about this bag a few weeks ago?’. No, we haven’t. The bag we’ve previously featured is called Celine Clutch On Strap. The Clutch On Strap looks more like the Strap Multifunctional Wallet in terms of shape. It’s also bigger than this version. Now … Read more

The Most Beautiful Alexander McQueen Box Clutches

The Most Stunning Alexander McQueen Box Clutches thumb

Alexander McQueen’s box clutches are the best style staple to have if you want to add a touch of royal glam and sophistication to your overall ensembles. And for this feature, we are more than excited to share with you the most stunning Alexander McQueen Box Clutches. So sit still as these clutches are never … Read more

Celine Foulard Clutches

Celine Foulard Clutches thumb 2

Brazen bag architecture plus quality material equals the Celine Foulard Clutch – a funky piece that’s about to become your new flame. Trust Celine to be outward and proud with their innovative design ideas – even with this bag itself, you’d never guess how they keep doing it collection after collection. This bag, which is … Read more