Chanel Vanity Case With Color Strap

Chanel Vanity Case With Color Strap thumb

Here’s a seasonal Chanel Vanity Case for Christmas. It’s freshly crafted from the latest Cruise 2020 Collection. I think it’s gorgeous and even tough it reminds you of the Classic Flap Bag, there are details that are not similar. The round shape makes you curious – is it a case or a bucket bag? It’s … Read more

CHANEL Vanity Case And History

Chanel Vanity Box 1

Chanel Vanity collection is not an idea from Karl Lagerfeld that has accidentally fallen from the sky. No it’s not, in fact, you can trace this line back to its history, going back as far as the 90s. Some pre-owned vintage Chanel Vanity cases will cost your £1,949, a few designs are in demand and … Read more

Chanel CC Filigree Vanity Case

chanel cc filigree bag prices

I think we need to stop and accept this fact – the Chanel CC Filigree Vanity Case is here to stay. And perhaps it will even join the iconic’s one day, just like the Trendy CC Bag and the Coco Handle Bag. Since its release in the Spring Summer 2016 Collection Act 2, this bag … Read more

Chanel Crochet Vanity Case

Chanel Crochet Vanity Case thumb

Meet the new Chanel Crochet Vanity Case from the Cruise 2022 Collection. An unique Vanity Case for every season. You see, this bag is not entirely diamond quilted and it’s a new design as well. This is the perfect bag if you want to differentiate your style from the crowd. Crafted with lambskin and crochet, … Read more