Celine Spring 2014 Bag Collection

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Happy because Celine has released new luggage bags, disappointed because I would love to see more ‘brighter’ colors and variations. And where did the phantom luggage hide? ‘Hello, playing hide and seek?’ No, it’s been replaced by the Tie bag, temporary I hope. The tie bag was also seen in the fall and winter season, … Read more

Celine Trapeze Bag Spring Summer 2014

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Each Collection, Celine is nice enough to publish ‘three’ of their newest and most precious Trapeze Bags (something that I am always looking forward to). And from there the thread stops, three is not everything, in fact, it’s just a small piece of pie compared to what they’ve in store. There are two ways to … Read more

Celine Blade Handbag Spring 2014

Celine Blade handbag Spring 2014 thumb

Since Celine made the blade bag, it has returned ‘almost’ every season. And that all, thank its predicable success. Why predictable? Try to compare the Celine Blade Bag with other classic styles, isn’t obvious. It contains all the elements of the brand, it inherited its DNA; simple yet sophisticated, luxurious and feminine, and as a … Read more

Celine Hobo Bag Spring 2014

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Celine Hobo handbag in Natural Calfskin Chamois When it comes to picking the right hobo, our love goes to no other than Celine. The Phoebe Philo line for the Spring 2014 Collection features the Celine Hobo Bag in series of graphic and colorful shades. It’s on our top rank for minimalistic chic accessories. When eyeing … Read more

Celine Cabas Bags Spring 2014

Celine Cabas Bag Spring 2014 thumb

The CELINE Cabas has always been a precious addition to their entire classic line, if you are a regular Celine shopper, you will know that this style (almost always) returns in every seasonal collection. The Cabas is an extraordinary shopping tote you will ever meet. First it rocks in the fashion industry, Celebrities are spotted … Read more