A Closer Look: Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet With Chain

Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet thumb

When we first posted the Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet On Chain bag, we thought: ‘is the chain long enough for shoulder carry?’ If not, then it’s very pity. But now we have found the bag again and we can confidently say that the chain is good for shoulder carry. Now let’s go into … Read more

Lady Dior Croisiere Wallet

Lady Dior Croisiere Wallet thumb

You love the Lady Dior Eben Wallet? We’re not done yet. We might have something even better, how about the Lady Dior Croisiere Wallet with Short Chain. In French, Croisiere means Cruise. But what’s more important is that this wallet is from the iconic Lady Dior Collection. You will love the timeless and unique design, … Read more

Dior Turn Me Dior Croisiere Wallet On Chain


Something chic with a hint of sass? It’s the Dior “Turn Me Dior” Croisiere Wallet, another groundbreaking piece from the leader in bag design and innovation. Highly refined yet heavy with style, this baby is about to become your next favorite, and that’s not even just a plain guess. It is practically one of the … Read more