Chanel Coco Handle Bag

Chanel coco handle bag prices

  Chanel makes a lot of gorgeous handbags, but some of them are destined to stick around, like the Chanel Coco Handle Bag. First introduced in the Pre-Fall Winter 2015 Collection, nobody had ever thought that the Chanel Coco Handle Bag would come so far. But when you take another look at it, the bag … Read more

Chanel Collections

Chanel bags can be categorised into two parts:1. The Classic Bags2. The Seasonal Bags The Classic Bags are from the permanent collection. The most popular ones are the Classic Flap Bags, The Reissue 2.55 Bag and the Boy Bags. You can read more about the bags in the permanent collection here: Chanel Classic Bags. The … Read more

Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag

Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag thumb

Introducing the Chanel Chain Handle Flap Bag from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection. This Chain Handle Bag caught our attention because it’s a seasonal piece and it looks very much like the Business Affinity Bag, don’t you think? Why does it look like the Business Affinity Bag? Well, the design. Take a look at the flap … Read more

Chanel Pearl Wallet On Chain

Chanel Pearl Wallet On Chain Bag thumb

Chanel Pearl what? It’s time to stay focus and listen to what we’ve to share; everything that Chanel makes with pearls on it is beyond this world. Meet the Pearl Wallet On Chain Bag, it’s a one-time opportunity to purchase and perhaps it will never return. This bag was first-introduced in the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection. … Read more