Chanel Boy Belt Bag

Chanel Boy Belt Bag thumb

The beauty of the Boy Bag knows no boundaries. Meet the Chanel Boy Belt Bag from the Fall Winter 2021 Collection Act 1. It’s a bag that should be on any girl’s wish list. It’s small and perfect to wear around your waist; this Chanel Boy will send your fashion style to the next level. … Read more

Chanel Boy Bag With Signature Strap And Quilted Logo

Chanel Boy Bag With Signature Strap And Quilted Logo thumb

You might have missed this gorgeous Chanel Boy Bag, so we’re here to remind you. This bag is from the Cruise 2021 Collection and there are 2 versions of this style. The 1st style is the Bucket Bag, which is also crafted with the same design like the Logo Strap. The 2nd style is our … Read more

Chanel Boy Bucket Bag

Chanel Boy Bucket Bag thumb

If we take a good look at the Chanel’s Boy Collection, isn’t there something missing? We don’t know because we only focus on the Classic Boy Flap Bag. Here’s a new addition to the Boy Collection – the Chanel Boy Bucket Bag. It’s the first Bucket Bag that’s designed in the Boy Style. It’s gorgeous … Read more