Cute And Small: Celine Clutch Pouch

celine clutch pouch combo

I have been my eyes on this bag for a long time, reading and screened through many pictures. But have never seen it with my own eyes. I thought I would never get one, but everything change after I saw it in real life. It’s the Celine Clutch Pouch. I think if you add three … Read more

Hermes Kelly Prices And Sizes

hermes birkin thumb 1

Hermes Kelly bags are just like the Birkin bags, one of the most famous ones. Famous and pricy, and wait. One more, and classic. If you are one of the bags collectors, just like me, you can’t miss the Hermes Kelly bag out. If this is your first Hermes pick, make sure you pick the … Read more

Balenciaga Chevre (Goatskin) or Agneau (Lambskin), Which One Do You Prefer?

balenciaga chevre thumb 1

Balenciaga bags are amazing, classic city, classic first, classic town and the classic day bag, I love them all. But do you have any idea what they are made of? Do you feel that the leathers are actually all the same? Balenciaga bags, a style that is neither chic nor really casual. It’s somewhere in … Read more

Would You Buy A Pink Lambskin Jumbo Flap Bag?

chanel mini classic flap in pink thumb 1

Before you start to say: ‘nahhh!’, let me tell you that the Chanel classic flap bag in pink is a rare gem. If you find one, then you are a lucky girl. But is the pink Chanel classic flap bag practical? Would you carry it all day long without getting fed up. And is it … Read more

Should You Pick Golden Chain Or Silver Chain, Need Advice

chanel ghw shw

I have a fab collection of Chanel bags, I got the medium flap bag as well as the maxi, 2.55 reissue bags, some WOCs and many other items. I just love Chanel, now that it is going up in prices I actually love them more LOL. But I consider myself as a older Chanel fan, … Read more