Chanel CC Espadrilles

Chanel Espadrilles thumb

Stefanie messaged us a few days ago, she went to Vienna to buy a Chanel GST, which are now retailing for €1950 euro’s. In case you also need to know about the prices of the Chanel GST XL, they are now €2300 euro’s. The next day, Stefanie went back to the Chanel boutique in Vienna, … Read more

Loewe Espadrilles Collection

Loewe Espadrilles thumb

Here’s another summer option to slide in your feet. Besides sandals and slippers, you could choose for Loewe Espadrilles shoes, they are as comfortable as a pair of sneakers from Nike, walk-able and fashionable thanks to their beautiful project: ‘Best Hands of Spain’, which is all about crafting modern footwear while keeping their finest Spanish … Read more

Valentino Camouflage Collection

valentino spring 2014 collection 1

Valentino goes beyond tradition, far away from their studs. The Urban Woman loves her sporty camouflage prints, it’s as hot as the boyish trend in the street style world. The exciting ingredients of Elegance and Camouflage have been mixed to help the casual-street fashionista look fabulous when going down town. Street wear in the high … Read more