Givenchy Spring Summer 2021 Runway Bag Collection

Givenchy Spring Summer Runway Bag Collection thumb

Givenchy never disappoints – there are always new bags and the designs are unique. For example, Givenchy introduces for the Spring Summer 2021 Collection a bag that’s vertically squared in boxy briefcase-like shape. Another bag that caught our attention is the transparent bottle bag (while we are not sure whether its useful). The iconic bags … Read more

Givenchy Antigona Baby Bag

Givenchy Antigona Baby Bag thumb

Hello little one, welcome to the world. Meet the Antigona Bag that took over fashion, but then in the new ‘baby size’. Amazing huh? Yes, the Givenchy Antigona Baby Bag is now official the smallest bag of the collection. If you walk on the street and you see a baby cat, wouldn’t you go and … Read more

Givenchy Creased Leather Handle Bag

Givenchy Creased Leather Handle Bag thumb

I have waited patiently to see a new Givenchy that has the opportunity to become a classic bag like the Antigona Bag. Even tough I sometimes read complains about decreasing quality of many designer brands, Givenchy always hold up their promises – beautiful designs and impeccable quality. I have this Givenchy Ceased Handle Bag and … Read more