Will Chanel Increase Their Prices in 2013?

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Will Chanel Increase Their Prices in 2013?


Is that really a question? I think the headline needs some adjustment. Let’s see… Oh yes ‘How much will Chanel increase their prices this year’. The question should never be Will, but When. How many of you belief that Chanel will have merci to their buyers. Apparently they have experience that the higher their prices goes, the quicker their bags flies off the shells. That could be, but the prices does drive us crazy. New rumors are talking about the new Chanel price tags. SA have already a bit of expectation and started to leak some information. This make us more curious. So what is the rumor about?

True story. Last year in February a woman walked into a Chanel boutique. She was prepared to buy her favorite Chanel jumbo bag that she have waited for so long. Her hard work is actually going to paid off. And finally when she pulled her credit card, the SA reminds her that the price is $4,800, a couple of hundred dollar more than yesterday.

‘Shoot, had she just came one day earlier to buy her bag!!!’

Anyways, I belief something like this is going to occur this year rendezvous. The expected date of the next price increase is again on February. There are even rumors that Hermes will increase their price in the beginning of 2013. Welcome to the race Hermes. How much more will you have to pay for a jumbo bag? Well this depends. No one is sure, but someone claimed that the SA had said that we will be paying a couple of hundred dollars more, probably $400 – $500.

Do you still have an appetite to wait?



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5 thoughts on “Will Chanel Increase Their Prices in 2013?”

  1. I just bought my second Chanel this time a 9 inch classic flap in lambskin. I bought it in Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok. I paid US $5K ;-(

  2. Hey! Anyone confirms a new price of 3445€ for the medium classic flap?
    I heard rumors about it in another blog…
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi, is there any difference in price of medium 2.55 flap bag regard to lamb skin and caviar?
    And for the 2.55 reissue (size 225), is there difference in price of lamb skin and jersey? I really like the jersey ones, and btw I’m in London.. Thanks!!

    • Yes there’s:


      A crash course:
      Lambskin is soft, easier to get scratches. But it feel really chic, which is priceless.
      Caviar is harder, more durable. In my opinion, easier to clean.

      The price in lambskin and jersey shouldn’t be different. But I really like the jersey too, a few quick notes btw: I heard from a friend that jersey is easier to get dirty and harder to clean.


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