Why Chanel Doesn’t Want You To Buy Their Bags?

Yes, 2013 is coming up and let’s all brace… If you think Chanel will not increase their prices this year, then we are probably wrong. We have experienced sometimes several price increase in price. Last time we were slapped was in 1st February 2012. Just one slap? Yeah we were that lucky, usually Chanel slap you twice and sometimes three times year.

Why do you think Chanel is keep increasing prices? It look like they don’t want you to buy their bags, making it unreachable for all of us. C’mon Chanel 25% increase? That’s ridiculous. Thank god that supermarkets is not doing the same thing, or else we will all starve.

You know what’s the strangest thing? Each time Chanel throw another 20% or so extra on their prices, we do not say ‘HECK, I am not buying that thing. It’s not worth it anymore’. Instead we say ‘OMG, Chanel is increasing prices again, OMG, OMG, we need to work harder to save more money now’.

Is Chanel going to inflate their sun glasses too? They should inflate, perfumes, clothes, earrings, necklace, EVERYTHING, then I will stop buying. This sound like the only cure to my addiction.

Maybe Chanel is very creepy, they understand how we works. I know guys who are dead broke and still can afford a $900 iPhone and treating them several months later some iPad and iMacs. Somehow we know how to dig to get more money.

$4,500 dollar for a Jumbo? OMG so expensive!!?? Half year later you would see the same girl excited wearing her new Chanel bag.

I’m serious about this.

Did you know that this little bottle cost $400. I am curious what’s inside? Maybe it works just like AXE.

Depression? Recession? What’s that? Girls will still buy them. 100% Increase in price, we will adore it even more.

What do you think? Do you really think Chanel adore you?

Pictures courtesy of: hollywood famous fark


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