Where is Chanel Made In?


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Where is Chanel Made In?


Almost everyone who has bought a Chanel Bag, Wallet or other Accessory wants to know where it’s made. This is a natural question and we deserve to know it, don’t you think? So the big question here is; where is Chanel made in?



Chanel are made in three different countries; France, Italy and Spain. France is where Chanel originally came from, so a lot of shoppers do prefer their bags made in this country.

Many designer brands have been founded in Italy as well, think of D&G, Prada and Tod’s. You must have heard the famous quote; ‘The finest Italian Craftsmanship’, because when we think of Italy and high fashion, we think of great quality products. Chanel made in Spain is very rare, there are a few but rare.

From the community at Bragmybag, we’d heard that there are quality differences between these three countries. And you have to understand that the bags are partly handcrafted and it requires an artisan to spend a huge amount of hours and concentration to make the bag. And thus is the reason why it’s hard to exactly replicate a Chanel bag, our next topic.

Chanel Replica vs Authentic

Some Chanel replica, aka fake bags, are made with real leather. But leathers have different price ranges and quality too. Those from the high fashion use high quality and expense leather to differentiate themselves. Otherwise, why would you spend so much money on a handbag?

The other thing to understand is that a designer bag is not made like in a ‘mass production’ manufacture. Each bag needs care and is carefully put together by an experienced craftsman. There are techniques behind it, which is why a replica bag can never match the quality.

The organization that makes replica bags has one objective; that is to make the bag as cheap as possible. It’s the only way to differentiate themselves from the real ones. So they will not spend the same amount of investment that companies like Chanel do, like picking the highest quality and the right leather (notice some bags are purposely made with aged calfskin while the other is made in lambskin, this too is a part of the design). And they will not hire an expensive but experienced craftsman that is willing to spend hours to create the bag. The conclusion is, there are always flaws with replica designer handbags.


So where is the best store to buy an authentic Chanel bag?

For the best experience, we always recommend to visit the Chanel boutique at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. There is a history behind this building; in fact, it’s where the original founder Coco Chanel’s apartment is located. If you purchase a bag at this location, you will get spoiled with a white Chanel Box and you cannot get this anywhere else.

So what are you thoughts and let us know in the comments what you think.

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3 thoughts on “Where is Chanel Made In?”

    • Both are great, but I’d advice to visit 31 Rue Cambon, the iconic boutique in Paris. You get a exclusive box for purchasing the bag there. And its a great experience.

  1. Thanks for this article. I agree that there are quality differences! I bought a WOC in Spain which was defaulted. Luckily I was able to exchange it, but was very disappointed by the quality of such an expensive bag..


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