What Every Girl Needs #8: Hermes Etrusque

Sassy Rodriguez

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What Every Girl Needs #8: Hermes Etrusque


Whenever I am writing an article about things that every girl need, we are talking about finish touch in fashion, like bracelets, jewelries, agenda’s and even key rings. Today I saw an unusual pretty key ring that I would add to my fashion collection. I thought it was too cute to left it unwritten.

What’s left to write about? It’s a horse shape key rings. The horse represent Hermes. It’s petite and cute. Hermes priced this beauty piece for $960 USD. Makes me think if this piece is worth the price.

My left angel tells me that it’s adorable. My right angel tells me that key rings are not something that you often take out. It’s for the most part of your day life an unseen piece of art. I love Hermes, but this time I listen to my right angel. What do you think?

Pictures courtesy of: Hermes

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