What Every girl Needs #14: Gucci Heart Shape Coin Purse

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What Every girl Needs #14: Gucci Heart Shape Coin Purse


Because fashion is not only about beauty, I have been searching for something that combines unique. Chic mixed with urban is the modern version of fashion nowadays. I am not a huge fan of the Gucci brand, but I have to admit that sometimes I find something that even I become a bit obsessed. And that’s not good for my wallet.

I couldn’t resist sharing the Gucci heart-shaped coin purse with you. It’s simple adorable. Coin purses are usually consider an unessential accessories for most people. What’s with that extra coin purse when you have a wallet that have the same function? But we are talking about fashion and every item that contribute counts!

The Gucci coin purse are available in white and red. I prefer the white more, because the red is just a bit too much. And besides white matches more outfit than the red. The most cutest design is the zip-top with heart-shaped Gucci script engraved on the zipper. It’s kind of like a heart with a heart. The light gold hardware gives this the style a bit more variations. The size is 4’’ x 3.5’’, just big enough for a few coins.

Price $225 and is available in Gucci online store.


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