What Every Girl Needs #10: Balenciaga Classic Smart Phone Pouch

Sassy Rodriguez

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What Every Girl Needs #10: Balenciaga Classic Smart Phone Pouch


Common is everywhere. In fashion we seek extraordinary, something that stand out. We call it fashion because it’s being crafted out of our imagination. Our creativity kicks in, matches a dress, a shoe, pants, bracelets and there you have it. My fashion. In what every girl need we seek something different from designer brands. Each time Balenciaga throw out their collection we picks the most attractive one that we can match our fashion styles.

Needless to say, there is nothing like Balenciaga classic smart phone pouch. I have seen many Iphone cases and most of them are just common. You can’t ‘wauw’ your audience, you can’t make them ask what’s that thing on your iphone! We all know Balenciaga’s style, not elegant, but gothic, funky and mixed with luxury and modern. Craft that too on your iphone case and you will have extraordinary look.

Our phones have become one of the important role in our life’s. I mean, how many times do you pull out your phone a DAY. Not once or twice. The Balenciaga classic phone pouch is made of soft vintage lambskin. It’s made with aged brass hardware and have a Balenciaga logo embossed on it. If fashion is your thing, than fashionize your iphone too.

The Iphone pouch is available in 10 colors and is priced around $300 USD. They are available on Balenciaga website.

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