Valentino Rainbow Collection


Sometimes I wonder – how would our world be if everything is as colorful as the rainbow? A world with happy colors like bright yellow, strawberry red, lychee pink and apple green.

No more gray clouds, no more brown mud and no more dark tunnels. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

You’ve probably heard this more than a thousand times, and maybe you don’t belief such things in your life, but happiness is really in the mind. If we can paint our inside world like Alice in Wonderland (with only the good guys), where everything is possible and optimistic, you will have the strength and power to handle everything that the outside world throw at you.

And if you got your life together and structured, perhaps you want to radiate that energy to your surroundings. One way to do that is to look at Valentino’s latest release the Rainbow Collection. This line is from the Resort 2015 Collection, we have already featured a lot of bag in our previous post: Valentino Resort 2015 Bag Collection.

But the pointing-down arrows and the series of colors embellished in the iconic studded tote bag is made only for the boldest fashionista’s. Those who understand how to blend the perfect style together, even with the worst fashion pieces. But what I liked the most is the backpack edition of Valentino, we know how hot backpacks are recently. They are ever, it’s like school-time is back in-style.

The special edition Valentino shoulder bag is embossed with small crystal stones, you can glitter on the street while on your way to a birthday party.

These bags are not available yet, we will keep you updated.







Pictures courtesy of: thecitizensoffashion


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