Valentino Mini Ziggy Bag


Belt Bags were as boring as the backpacks in the past. But now Belt Bags are trending as hard as the Backpacks. The biggest reason why is because the designer brands have created a multi-functional Belt Bags. Not only can they be carried around the waist, but also on the shoulder. And take a look at the Valentino Ziggy Bag – aren’t they fashionable as well?

The Design


The Ziggy Bag is the next level studs. The bag is chevron quilting and it’s definitely ultra-chic. Valentino has put studs around the edges as well as around the studded closure. And really, the turn lock closure is large comparing to the size of the bag, which makes it very notable. The house’s signature is engraved on the clasp and it features the iconic pyramid studs.

But what’s really stunning is the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. This strap can be used to wear as a shoulder bag or as a belt pack. Both use are stylish and practical. For example, when you’re at the airport, you can use this bag as a Belt Bag and pack your important documents inside like passport. But if you are walking around the city, you might want to turn it into a beautiful shoulder bag.

The Interior


Open the bag to get into the interior. Inside you will find one main compartment with a front pocket under the front flap. There is also an internal patch pocket.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 12 x 17 x 5 (H x W x D) cm, priced at $1945 USD, 1265 GBP, 1400 EURO.

Where To Shop Valentino Ziggy Bag?

1. Luisa Via Roma – the classic black color in chevron is available here…

2. Matches Fashion – you can find the special colors like pink here…

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