Stay Young With Kate Spade Cricket Street Emilia Bag


Staying young and particularly in the mind is the way of living. Young doesn’t mind looking childish, but it’s a short way to describe living your life with no limitation. Be energetic, think creative and try to spread little love to the people around you. They need it.

How people perceive us is usually through our first impression, which is not your personality, but your look! A lot of people say: ‘It’s all about the inside, not the outside’ and partly it’s true, but what we wear, is that not the mirror of how who we think we are? Take a look at Kate Spade’s new arrival bag, they named it: ‘the cricket street Emillia’. It’s an elegant tote that you can use to make an impression at work. While the outfit is casual chic, it doesn’t show that you are taking life too serious. The colors tell others how much happiness there is inside of you. And the priceless smile is a bonus that completes the whole appearance.

Kate Spade and their bold design shows how a girl can live in a though city like New York, look fabulous and still survive. At Kate Spade e-store for $448.



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