Sock Club London x Globe Trotter Limited Edition Sock Case


A case.

Like a business case.

Or a traveller case.

Whatever it meant for, it’s super cute.

Presenting the Sock Club London in collaboration with Globe Trotter Sock Case. Oh, and it’s limited edition. (Does that grab your attention?)

Globe Trotter is famous for designing and making suitcases, trolley cases, basically everything you need for packing your stuff and travel.

The cases are made with much love and a lot of care, the design is beautifully blend between modernity and bit of vintage, which keeps everything exciting.

So what is this Sock Club London x Globe Trotter Sock Case? Well, it’s something you’ve never heard of, a luxury case for socks.

I know, I know, what do we need that for, you ask! When we travel, we just drop our socks (folded, of course) in our luggage. It can’t be easier. However, we should look beyond the ‘socks’, this case can be used for numerous reasons.

For example, for work? Perhaps when we want to stay over at our friend’s house and need to pack a few things? Or perhaps when we want to flaunt in business meetings?

The 13’ inch Globe Trotter Sock Case comes with a webbing belt and it’s good to store 12 pair of socks. It’s made in England and it features an ivory leather trim, a contrasting orange interior. The shelf unit can be removed so that the case can be used for other items. It also features a premium leather luggage tag with dual Globe-Trotter.

Measuring 32 x 24 x 12 cm, it weights 1.2 Kg, priced £300 GBP at Sock Club London e-store.









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