Louis Vuitton Galliera Bag: Stronger Than Diamonds


One strong story is enough to convince you how strong the material of the Louis Vuitton Galliera bag actually is.

On an usual day, a pregnant woman was driving in her car in Hong Kong City, she was transporting a bag on her behalf belly when suddenly a steel slice shoot right through the front glass at her stomach. She was so lucky that the bag she carried was a Louis Vuitton Gallera bag and not a cloth bag, if so, the steel would shoot right through it. The news was covered in every newspaper and the woman was named: ‘a luck dog’.


The Galliera bag saved the life of the woman and her baby. What a great story and an iron-clad proof that Louis Vuitton delivers the value we expected to get. But quality is not the only thing we crave for, there’s more…

It always feels sexy to carry a round shaped bag around your shoulder, especially when it includes the iconic Louis Vuitton inventeur plate on the front. I love hobo’s, because on the first glance, they appears to be small and only after you start loading it up with essentials, you will find out that it has more space than you can ever imagine. I call it: ‘practical roominess’

The Galliera bag has style and quality and that’s why it’s worth every dime. Availability: As per 2013, the Galliera bag is discontinued.








Louis Vuitton has released a couple of limited version for their Cruise collection in 2009. The Louis Vuitton Rivera Galliera bag was inspired by the French river scene. The Smeralda Galliera bag is inspired by Costa Smeralda in Northern Sardinia, a tourist spot. This bag is enriched with python leather.



Louis Vuitton Rivera Galliera Bag



Louis Vuitton Rivera Smeralda Bag


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Pictures courtesy of: Luxury4time

  • I have the Damier PM and I absolutey fell in love with it when I bought it 3 years ago…it’s such a perfect summer bag, very comfortable to carry on the shoulder because of the one strap (double straps are annoying sometimes) … Def a bag to add to LV collections…

    March 28, 2013
  • Godin


    I have the Galliera Mono!! Love that bag

    January 9, 2013

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