Should You Pick Golden Chain Or Silver Chain, Need Advice

I have a fab collection of Chanel bags, I got the medium flap bag as well as the maxi, 2.55 reissue bags, some WOCs and many other items. I just love Chanel, now that it is going up in prices I actually love them more LOL. But I consider myself as a older Chanel fan, not a newbie, so based on that I am going to give some advice in picking the golden chain and silver chain.

Worst thing you can do is mixed two colors together because you like that at the moment. I bought a purple Chanel jumbo flap bag with golden chain before. Oh my Oh my, what was that a wrong choice. It’s all starts in the belly, just like when you are in love. You will feel the butterfly and then you imagine all the good things you will do with the Chanel bag you buy. In my case, I imagined how great it will be with my purple Chanel jumbo flap bag, all the clothing combination I can wear.

Then it continued to searching on the internet for a few information, especially when to buy it. You will ending up with asking your BF or other friends for advice. ‘should I buy this bag?’ ‘Does it look good on me’. Never ask a non-Chanel-lover for ANY advice, they don’t know a thing about Chanel. Ask a Chanel lover, if you can’t find one, makes some on forums or on this website. (or you can post some pics and ask for advice on this site). Non-Chanels (which is how I call people than are not into Chanels), will never give you good advice, they will doubt, say something stupid, makes you even more confuse. Some of them will tell you to never buy or that you are crazy spending that much money.

Off topic OMG, let’s get back…

Finally, you will walking up to the Chanel boutique and then buying the bag. That’s how I end up with a purple Chanel jumbo flap bag with golden chain. I love if in the beginning, but a week later it just stands there on my shelf, waiting for I don’t know what? I did not love it anymore and regret in paying so much money on the bag.

But anyways, the colors of your Chanel bags have to match with the Chain color. Here are some timeless combination:

Chanel medium flap bag, black color with silver chain. (this combination is in my opinion most sold, I have been to Paris a few times and this combination is almost always sold out).

So black color with silver chain always work. It fits, because it is kind of black meets white. This combination color does not makes the Chanel stand out and having you draw attention. If you don’t like people kept looking at you, then this is a good choice. This bag is a good choice when you are at a wedding or some quiet events.

Many people wear black with golden chain. This combination will give you the feeling of luxury, high class and draw a bit more attention (because of the gold). This bag is good when wearing if you go out with friends, give you a fabulous experience.

Purple with golden chain? No, but purple with silver chain will look much better. It is because the purple color attention drawing already. The white chain will neutral that feeling, so you got a bit of ying yang combination.

Red with golden chain. Ever see the jumbo bag with red color and golden chain? The golden CC on the front makes the bag perfect. Combine this will a golden chain and you will have a excellent bag. This bag is obvious attention drawing, because its red DUUH. But it is an amazing bag, give you a much more feeling of summer time.

Beige with golden chain and white chain. I think both chain are oke with beige. It depends on how you feel about the bags. Beige with golden chain makes you much more feeling like luxury, while silver is not. But both combination are oke. I prefer silver chain though.

Purple with golden chain. I can’t imagine wearing a purple Chanel bag with golden chain, silver can be accepted. But its far much better to have purple keep in the purple.

Each person have their opinion about golden and silver chain. These are mine, if you have any thought, please share them with me, would love to talk about that.


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  1. Isabel December 13, 2017 Reply

    Hi Alex, do you know how much for Chanel chervon mini square in Paris (after VAT refund)? Thank you

  2. Vanessa Tsoi December 11, 2017 Reply

    Hi! Please help with the the ultimate question of SHW vs GHW 🙏 I’m looking to get the chanel WOC in black caviar leather but can’t seem to decide between the hardware. I have the medium flap and mini flap both with SHW on black caviar and lambskin respectively and kinda want a change, but hesitant because I want the WOC to be casual and used for traveling. Will the GHW be too attention grabbing? Can it be used causally with jeans, hoddie and Uggs per se? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Lol such a dilemna …

    • Alex December 13, 2017 Reply

      Hi Vanessa, either the SHW or GHW is actually a personal choice. Most people who like to wear gold love GHW more and people who love silver or white gold tends to choose SHW. However, there are a lot of people choosing GHW because it’s more attention-grabbing but also it also looks classic.

      The WOC in GHW can def. be worn with jeans, hoddies and uggs. Are you more worried about the hardware matching with your clothing or more worried whether you like GHW or not?

  3. Monica December 6, 2017 Reply

    Hi I obviously couldnt afford to buy a brand new chanel jumbo with the current price right now. I found a preloved red caviar jumbo flap with shw. I have a black one which I bought from store years back but I thought I would want to give red a chance.
    Can anyone tell me will the red colour gets dirty later on? Or will the colour change? I think I am falling in love with the red shw flap🙏🏻

  4. Cathy September 13, 2017 Reply

    I am new to Chanel collection. I have a black caviar WOC in SHW. Recently I came across a rectangle mini flap in black caviar in SHW. Do you guys think it is too similar to my WOC? I will always want a mini in GHW. But feels really hard to let go the SHW mini since it is very difficult to get one. And it is in perfect condition (from the Boutique).

    • Alex September 15, 2017 Reply

      Hi Cathy, the interior is different and the shape. The Rectangle mini is imo even popular as the Rectangle Mini. The functionality is the same, they’re both small bag. If you really like the Shw mini, why not stick to it?

      • Cathy September 16, 2017 Reply

        Thank you Alex! I decided to keep both. As the mini is so difficult to get and it holds more than woc, can’t just let go it…. Thank you for your advice!

        • Alex September 20, 2017 Reply

          Great choice. Sometimes its hard to make a decision.

  5. Pri September 12, 2017 Reply

    My first Chanel bag…I m thinking on black jumbo double flap in lamb skin…hw should be gold or silver? Very confused…

    • Alex September 15, 2017 Reply

      Hi Pri, that’s just personal choice. A lot of people prefer gold. But if you don’t like too much shine, then silver is the right pick. You can make your decision also based on other factors like:
      – do you usually wear gold or silver: if gold, then choose gold.
      – do you already have too much gold hardware handbags? or maybe a lot of gold hardware Chanel bags, then maybe you want to switch this time.

  6. Lily May 18, 2017 Reply

    Just bought a yellow classic flap with silver chain as first Chanel bag. Every one said should get a black one. Color one difficult to maintain and will loose value over time. Please advise

    • Anonymous May 19, 2017 Reply

      Hi Lily, the price of the Classic Flap Bag will only go up, so will your yellow version of the bag. Whether it’s more difficult to maintain depends on the leather. If it’s caviar, then it’s easier than lambskin. But black is in general obvious easier to maintain than other colors, because when it’s a little bit damaged or it gets a bit dirty, then it’s not instantly recognizable. And black is an often picked color, because it can easier pair with other clothing styles and therefore it’s easier to re-sale than other colors. But it won’t lose value.

  7. Sharan April 21, 2017 Reply

    I purchased the 2.55 reissue with gold chain because i couldn’t get over how timeless it looked, the history behind it, and how discrete the bag looked with the lock vs C/C was very appealing.

    Do you agree? Can you go from day to night with this as well?

    Which size wallet would you get?

    They call these investment bags, do these go up in price just like the classic 2.55? When do you suspect the next increase?

    Thanks for your advice!

    • Lily April 27, 2017 Reply

      Hi Sharan,

      The reissue 2.55 is the true historical bag, because it has the longest history and is designed by Madame Coco herself. The Reissue 2.55 is made to go from day to night, it’s a very flexible bag. You can shorten or hide the chains. You should choose the size you’re most comfortable with:

      These two sizes are the most practical:

      Chanel reissue 2.55 size 225 (the medium/large)
      Chanel reissue 2.55 size 226 (the jumbo size)

      The 226 can hold more, but the 225 is better for the night, because its light in weight.

      The Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag are priced the same as the Classic Flap Bag. When one price go up, the other will follow as well. So they’re great investment bags and will go up in value over time.

      The rumors went that this month the price should increase (thats what people also heard from SA’s), but we haven’t seen anything yet. Def. this year there will be a round of price increase.

  8. Lavinia October 8, 2016 Reply

    Hello. What about a boy medium caviar. How will look better : gold or silver? (As a first chanel bag)
    Thank you very much

    • Cynthia October 13, 2016 Reply

      Hi Lavinia, gold is the most picked and I love gold because it gives a strong appeal, and the boy is quite a strong bag.

  9. Mary November 18, 2015 Reply

    Which of these bags (black color with the silver chain or black color with the gold chain) do you guys think is more beautiful and fabulous ?actually I’m looking for a bag which i can wear it at wedding or night out with friends

    • Ly November 22, 2015 Reply

      Hi Mary,

      Black with gold is more on the front than the silver. Both are gorgeous. What I mean is that silver is more like background color imo. Because gold is more notable. I would wear gold because I love that color, but it also depends on what you will be wearing.

  10. Anonymous July 18, 2015 Reply

    Hi may I ask boy red lambskin in silver hardware is from which season? Thanks in advance!

    • Nana July 20, 2015 Reply

      I think it was Cruise 2014 Collection.

  11. Claudie low November 27, 2014 Reply

    This is the one

    • Claudie low November 27, 2014 Reply

      The top picture ( dark red with GHW ) I take it at Klcc boutique when they called me up to collect the bag. The bottom picture ( red with SHW ) I download from google.

      • Alex November 28, 2014 Reply

        Hi Claudie, the silver has actually been released first, then the ghw. As the picture below shows, the red (darker red) is gorgeous with ghw. I think the shw is actually better if you want to use it more as casual, because its not that attention-drawing. But I can understand your doubt, your friends probably tell you that the shw is better on red, but there is something about the golden hardware with (dark) red that’s so attractive. Can you feel that too?

      • Alex November 28, 2014 Reply

        We dropped this question on Facebook, please follow!

    • CC November 28, 2014 Reply

      In gwh is not bad at all

  12. Claudie low November 27, 2014 Reply

    Hi Alex. I need your help. I can’t make up my mind to get the GHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size or SHW with red Chanel boy bag medium size ? Malaysia Klcc Chanel boutique actually help me transfer this bag from Hong Kong for my exchange, because only Hong Kong have this pre fall collection available. unfortunately I realize this bag have a minor defect.
    Thus, they now offer me to exchange another color or they help me to repair the bag. I only interested in red color that’s why I m considering either to proceed the repair or get the latest red color Chanel boy with silver hardware.

    • Alex November 27, 2014 Reply

      Hi Claudie, to be honest, I love them both! How big is the defect on the shw? What is your first opinion on both of these bags? I’d think gold is eyecatching on red, but then on the Classic Flap Bag, but for the boy, silver is more like everyday.

      • Claudie low November 27, 2014 Reply

        Hi Alex. I mean the red Chanel boy bag with minor defect is actually with gold hardware which is the pre fall collection 2014. It’s just a minor defect behind the bag, you won’t find out if you don’t really check the bag. The Klcc boutique manager said they can help me restore the bag and it might take approxitemately 3 weeks. Or I can exchange with others color. I already have a GST bag with gold hardware and I always wanted to get a red Chanel le boy. So I’m wondering should I get the new red Chanel boy with silver hardware or I wait for them to help me restore the dark red Chanel with GHW. I’m really confuse. Anyone repair your bag before ? Will it be prefect condition after repair ? I’m worry. I love them both , but it can’t make up my mind. SHW OR GHW for boy ?

        • Alex November 27, 2014 Reply

          Hi Claudie, I remember the red with ghw, it’s from the previous collection. Generally Chanel can restore handbags quite well, I hope its not the leather issue in your case. But to be honest, I think your heart knows what it wants. Imo, I have to say that the silver hardware is better as an everyday bag, but the ghw is beautiful as well, especially for diners and special occ. I have a feeling you’ve set your heart to the ghw, I would follow my heart =)

          • Claudie low November 28, 2014

            Seriously , I really can’t make up my mind. Dear Alex , what do you think of Chanel le boy black color with GHW / SHW ? previously I saw your blog about Chanel le boy black color. But I already have one Chanel GST with GHW.

  13. Brenda April 29, 2014 Reply

    Hi, I have WOC lamb SHW, Mini lamb GHW, Medium lamb SHW, GST caviar SHW, seasonal flap SHW, all in black. I am thinking to get a black jumbo in caviar, but I cannot decide between getting it in GHW or SHW. I love the look of GHW, but maybe SHW is more practical and easy for everyday use? But I have too many SHW, should I go for GHW? I really cannot decide. Please help me!! And which is more difficult to find?

    • Alex April 30, 2014 Reply

      Hi Brenda, so many blacks!! You should pick what you love, not what you think is more practical or easy for everyday use. Ghw is also great as an everyday bag, there are many celebs picking this combination.

      p.s. they are both available as permanent collection, evenly difficult.

      • Anonymous May 2, 2014 Reply

        Hi Alex, Thanks a lot!! I think I will go with GHW. 🙂

        • Alex May 3, 2014 Reply

          Do keep us updated =)

  14. chanelgirl16 January 16, 2014 Reply

    I read a post on instagram that said Chanel never had a red jumbo with ghw. is that true? I’m getting my first ever Chanel in jumbo size and red colour. still thinking about ghw or shw. I wanted ghw but I read on instagram they said that theres no ghw for the red jumbo…..then I read this post and now I’m confused. help!

    • Anonymous January 17, 2014 Reply

      As far as I know, there is a golden hardware in red classic flap, but that’s a style from the previous season, not sure if they are still in production. You might need to wait for a few season.

  15. LuLu December 16, 2012 Reply

    Love this blog post. Just bought my second Chanel in Rome, keep on posting this great work:d

  16. Samantha November 22, 2012 Reply

    I love silver, it not so much glossy and all. Black and silver are really a couple, beige and silver is possible. Silver match most colors.

  17. Lemongirl November 17, 2012 Reply

    I have a pink chanel bag with silver chain

    • Njoki December 31, 2017 Reply

      Want to buy my first big black Chanel bag do I buy gold chain or silver chain am quite confused because I don’t want to spend so much and later feel awful about the purchase. It’s going to be an every day bag.

      • Alex January 6, 2018 Reply

        There are more people choosing gold than silver. But this is personal preference. Ask yourself, do you like wearing silver or gold jewelries? If its gold, then pick gold. If its silver, then pick silver. I also find silver to be more neutral and gold to stand-out.

  18. Chanel-Mom November 16, 2012 Reply

    flap bag, black color works well in ghw and shw

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