Shopping with V Lai: Chanel Pink Boy WOC with Pink Clasp


Sometimes it’s hard to decide which Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag you want. Do you want the Classic Quilted WOC? Or how about the Halfmoon WOC or the Timeless WOC? So many choices, but you can’t choose.

It’s always best to visit the Chanel boutique before you decide, because it can get so much more complicated. You see, Chanel releases new Wallet On Chain bags every season and most of the times, you can find any info anywhere.

So going to the Chanel boutique is like opening a surprise box – what’s inside?

And if you’re lucky, they will a bag in store that you’ve never thought of, like the Chanel Pink Boy WOC with Pink Clasp. This is a stunning bag that you absolutely can’t say no to and that’s why we are sharing it here at Bragmybag.

V Lai purchased this bag at Neiman Marcus, style code: A80287, the price is $2100 USD ex. tax and $2266,95 including tax. Congrats to V Lai with your new bag. So ladies, is it already hunting time.




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