Shopping with V Lai: Chanel Paris in Rome Gold Metal Flap Bag


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Shopping with V Lai: Chanel Paris in Rome Gold Metal Flap Bag


Freshly baked and just arrived at the boutiques – a complete new affordable flap bag. Want to know more?

V Lai bought this bag at Neiman Marcus a few days ago, here’s what she has shared: ‘I just found out this from Chanel site after I bought the bag from Neiman Marcus at Scottsdale. The size is small and light enough for me as my GST hurts my shoulder very much. The price is attractive compare to other Chanel flap too!’.

The Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag is somewhere between a WOC and a Medium Classic Flap Bag. You know, there are always days when you need a smaller bag, but an evening WOC is just too tiny. This has the perfect size.

Crafted from durable calfskin and adorned with gold metal hardware, the bag is quilted and chic. It features a beautiful iconic CC logo on the front and its made with the comparable chain as the boy bags.

For those that are interested, here are the details:

Chanel Gold Metal Flap Bag
Style code: A93427
Size: 6.7’ x 11’ x 2.2’ inches
Price: $2900 USD with VAT



3 thoughts on “Shopping with V Lai: Chanel Paris in Rome Gold Metal Flap Bag”

  1. One question, the one on the picture, with the beautiful durable calfskin, looks a lot different from the picture below (also featured on Chanel website), are these two types and if so, is the price the same for both? Considering the size, it is quite a “cheap” bag for Chanel.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Leyla, both bags are the same, the cheap is correct. In fact, I can also give you the price in euro:

      2650 euro with VAT. If you want to know other prices, let us know, we will try to find it.


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