Celine Cabas Bags Spring 2014

Celine Cabas Bag Spring 2014 thumb

The CELINE Cabas has always been a precious addition to their entire classic line, if you are a regular Celine shopper, you will know that this style (almost always) returns in every seasonal collection. The Cabas is an extraordinary shopping tote you will ever meet. First it rocks in the fashion industry, Celebrities are spotted … Read more

Talking About Roomy: Celine Cabas Bag

celine cabas bag combo

Don’t you have enough ROOMY bags in your wardrobe. Try the Celine Cabas bag, guaranteed big enough and stylish for anyone to notice. The Cabas bag especially made to carry and I mean carry many things. If we are talking about spaces, then this bag wins the game. What I love most about this bag … Read more

Celine Triomphe Canvas Cabas Bag

Celine Mini Horizontal Cabas Bag in Triomphe Canvas

The new Celine Cabas handbags come in several sizes. They are refined with Triomphe Canvas, the house’s latest classic print. These Canvas bags are incredible strong, easy-to-carry but also spacious. They’re perfect to use as everyday bag but also as a travel bag. Celine Small Vertical Cabas Bag in Triomphe Canvas Size: 11 X 13 … Read more

Celine Cabas Drawstring Triomphe Bag

Celine Cabas Drawstring Triomphe Bag thumb

Every heard of a Shopping Bag with drawstring? Introducing the Celine Cabas Drawstring Bag for the Fall Winter 2022 Collection. The Triomphe has now become the icon of Celine, that’s why this bag is also embossed with the Triomphe logo in the center. Overall, the body feels minimalistic and can be used in any occasions. … Read more