Chanel CC Camellia Smooth Leather Card Holder & Coin Purses

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Last time we obsessively wrote about the CC Camellia Smooth Leather Wallets, but for those that don’t need a wallet right now, how about a smaller treat? Presenting the Chanel CC Camellia Smooth Leather Card Holders & Coin Purses – they’re small, but they’re addictive. The leather is strong too because it’s made from goatskin. … Read more

Boy Chanel Small Coin Purses

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Coins are not my favorite transaction items. But when you get a lot of them, it’s always clever to have a separated coin purse in your bag. Right? Or am I giving myself reasons to purchase this beautiful thing? Well, it doesn’t matter. Take a close look at the Boy Chanel Small Coin Purse; the … Read more

Chanel Coin Purse Prices

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Something small and cute cannot be underestimated. Small can have a huge impact. And in this post we’re going to share the Chanel Coin Purse Prices. We will be covering the most classic versions, the ones that go up in prices overtime. And the ones that will always be in-trend just like the Classic Flap … Read more

Chanel Mini Square Bag

chanel mini square classic bag prices

The Chanel Mini Square Bag is one of the smallest sizes in the Classic Flap Bag Collection. In terms of size, the Mini Square Bag is very similar to the New Mini Flap Bag. The Square Mini is boxy while the New Mini is bigger in width. This Mini Bag is super cute. It’s the … Read more