Salvatore Ferragamo Classic Varina Flats: Painlessly Dress To Kill


Flats were around since Ancient Egyptian times, it existed at least since the 16h century. Who ever invented it, thank you so much!

Flats with very thin heels or no heels, they are as comfortable as the feathery soft pillow laying on my bed. And we can’t live without them, whether we go shopping, work or night-out, they always come in handy. If you are one of the typical classy girl who loves all beautiful things that looks chic and expensive, take a look of the Salvatore Ferragamo’s classic Varina flats. Oh, you already notice, the diamond patterns matches perfectly to your Chanel classic flap bag or even the classic GST.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s boundless creativity never fails to impress me, the Varina flats are a part of their classic collections. The polished gold logo on the front with Ferragamo exclusive signature and the powerful traditional grosgrain bow that loops through it. And details are well thought, for the comfort of your feet, these pair of flats are secured with padded footbed that offers an extra layer of ease.

What’s more to love than painlessly dress to kill? At Shopbop for $550.



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  • Tess


    Hi i’m so in love with this flats! Do you think i can still purchase this in europe? Planning to go to italy in a few weeks. How much is the retail price in euro? Thanks so much!

    August 30, 2014
      • Tess


        I want the quilted version in black color just like the pic you posted, its so nice! Not a big fan of croc though.. Im from indonesia. Thanks so much for your help!

        August 31, 2014
          • Tess

            Thanks Alex! I’ll also try to visit as many stores in italy as possible to find this baby! Too bad i found out about this shoes a year after:( Cheerss:D

            September 1, 2014

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