Saint Laurent Classic Baby Monogram Punk Chain Bag


A limited edition bad-ass bag – it’s like it came straight from a thriller movie. Sophisticated and beautiful, it’s even a classic…from the Classic Monogram Collection.

Everything about this bag is wrong, so wrong and addictive. If you ever want to purchase a Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Bag, then today its right time. You see, never will there be such a style released again and you will be only one slinging it on your shoulder.

It’s like the Classic Baby Monogram Chain Bag went through an evolution. Besides the original chevron quilt and the gorgeous silver chain, the bag is also embellished with keychain, which is attached to a padlock and attached to another metal YSL signature charm. Like the 3D YSL signature on the front is not sufficient to brag about.

The same charm (YSL signature and the padlock) is attached to the chain, what a beautiful piece of accessory. It’s going to worth every penny.

And I am not finished, around the bag is decorated with black tulle trim – it’s a soft material that enhance the beauty of this baby shoulder bag. It’s like an extra silk scarf that a princess is wearing.

The back features an extra slot pocket. The interior is made with two slot pockets. Made from goatskin, measuring 7’ x 3.9’ x 3.1’ inches, priced at $1850 USD, €1450 euro, pre-order via Saint Laurent boutique.






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