RED Valentino Bow Leather Clutch: It Loves To Get Squeezed


RED Valentino Bow Leather Clutch

Bow clutches are lady-like, but delivered in deluxe leather they become oh so daring. The spotlights has turned their attention to the RED Valentino leather clutches recently, there’s just something about a straightforward bow tie that is wrapped around at ease and exceptionally comfy to hold by hand. Unlike the oversized, rock-hard box clutches, the RED Valentino leather clutch loves to get squeezed once in a while, giving you the power to go from day to night.

It is always safer to take a single-colored clutch than in a fancy print that confuse people about your intention. With the zip closure completely hidden on the top, the style has become spotless. And knowing that it’s made from 100% goatskin, durability and long-lasting are the two essential keys that we can take in consideration when judging the value against the price.

Be playful with your wardrobe and find the perfect style that completes the RED Valentino clutch. And when people ask you: ‘Does your dress comes with the bow tie clutch?’, then you know that your task as a fashion chick has been completed for the night.

Black is a smart investment and it can ease your pain after you find out how easy it is to melt with your closet. Flaunting the Valentino bow clutch while dressed in a beautiful black dress pays dividend too. Pre-order at Luisa Via Roma for $365.



Black on black, tie on tie. Up your game – the Diane Von Furstenberg Jeanne two dress and the RED Valentino bow clutch matches like a thee cup and a saucer. At Shopbop for $325.



Who said pink clutches are silly and childish? The Valentino’s pink clutch in bow tie is positively cute, sharp and exceedingly feminine. Pre-order at Luisa Via Roma for $365.


Oh gosh, I just wanted to share the RED Valentino logo plate
that comes with the clutch. Pretty, isn’t?


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