Read This: What The Fug Is Happening With Fashion?

Yup, you got me! I am out of bag reviews right now, so I am laying on my bed, looking outside the window and day dreaming. In the last couple of weeks I soak in a lot of information about fashion and there are things I saw and read that really bugged me. I am going to take advantage of my free speech to share what’s on my mind.

I shop by heart and I love everything I own. I admire handbags that Hermes, Chanel and other brands make. They are, what’s called, oh yeah, inspiring!

Lately I found this website called: Justfab. They seems to be very popular and were selling items for $39,95 a piece. It’s a nice concept. I checked a couple of items and found these:










I learned not to judge, but if you are a mediocre bag savvy person, you will know exactly what I am thinking.



Yes, this a real Hermes Birkin


Imagine you walking with a Hermes Birkin and there are look-a-likes everywhere. You and I might be thinking the same thing: ‘It’s time for Hermes to engrave a large LOGO on their bags’.

The reason why I am not saying anything is because I admire businesses (including fashion) that are doing really great. And with revenues in the hundred of millions, Justfab is doing fabulous. And if you are interested, they seems to compete with fast stores like Zara and H&M.

Ha!Talking about H&M, did you know that they strive to get the latest fashion in store WITHIN three weeks. They literally have designers working next to the manufacturers. And while designer brands releases new styles per season, fast fashion stores do this per month.

Read more: How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer – NYTimes


Have you ever questioned?


You tell me. Summer clothes are released in the month of January and when I appetite for summer clothes they show us their new winter styles. And what’s up with the Pre-fall collection? Maybe this is what they need to compete with the fast stores.

Oke oke, you can put your gun away now, I admit it, I buy H&M and Zara clothes too. Sometimes I see similar styles and I wonder: ‘Hey, this piece looks so familiar’. But there are just too many styles to remember. They are cheap and look nice, better take it home before it’s sold out. (And we all secretly do this: we shopping spree like it’s our last day on this planet, and we re-test every single pieces later at home. If it fits, great, welcome to my wardrobe. And if not, we take it back and REFUND LOL).

I talked too much, it’s your turn.

Do you rather buy a dress from a designer brand while H&M is selling for 80% cheaper? What’s your thought on this subject?

Pictures courtesy of: JustFab


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  • I just checked out JustFab. Personally I love the “real” bags, but right now I don’t have that much to spend on just one bag. So I really love that site, but they dont ship outside of US. So sad!

    Do you know any other site, that ships internationally?

    June 16, 2013
    • Alex


      Hi R, I like your site. Keep up the work. Justfab has just expanded in Europe. I am not sure where you are from, but you might want to check shopbop out too. They have designer handbags in affordable prices. Justfab competes with H&M, Zara and Forever 21, besides that, I haven’t seen any similar concept.

      And do you know what handbag you are looking for? (flap, tote, summer bag?)

      p.s. don’t forget to like us on FB and join as a member. =)

      June 17, 2013
      • Oh thank you! I’m from Sweden. They don’t ship to Sweden.. 🙁
        I like the birkin look alike. And else I like tote bags, I already have the MK Jetset tote. 🙂
        I just liked on fb!

        June 17, 2013
        • Oh, I forgot to mention!
          I’m also considering a LV Neverfull

          June 17, 2013
          • Alex

            Hi Riccis,

            I have a couple of similar websites:


            And Justfab doesn’t ship to Europe yet, so you need to wait.

            But has beautiful handbags too.

            From the all the handbags we have discussed, I highly recommend the Louis Vuitton neverfull. It’s a timeless classic and a stunning bag. You can carry neverfull in all season, I think it will look amazing on you. But will you pick the Damier Azur canvas (white) or the monogram canvas (brown)

            June 18, 2013
  • Sam


    Basically I just buy it regardless of the brand if:
    a) It fits great
    b) I love the design
    c) It’s not a total rip-off of a designer’s design


    June 15, 2013
    • I completely agree with Sam. The only brands I would probably NEVER buy a look for less version of is Christian Louboutin, Chanel, and Jordan. Those can never be done as well as the original and I would be buying them for style as well as the label.

      June 26, 2013

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