Prada Double Bag Stripped: The Making Of…

Usually designer brands only reveal ‘the making of…’ an iconic bag that carries a rich history. That’s the most interesting, everyone wants to know how their luxury bags are made. And if it cost a couple of thousands dollars, we’d expect it be hand-made; stitch by stitch and leather by leather.

Somehow Prada knew that the double bag is going to be a triple hit. As far as the reaction of our community goes, they are stunned about the style, the appearance and above all; the abundance of color options (more than the rainbow).

Jennifer says: ‘the Prada double bag reminds her of the Hermes Garden Party, very pretty’. Asiah was confused about the colors and Jocelyn simply loved it. But as the video and the images reveal, the double bag is put together by hand, one component at a time. Selected from the finest material, the saffiano leather has always been the specialty of the Prada house. They know how to cut the saffiano and present you the best of the best; one needle by needle, one stitch by stitch.

The Prada Double Bag holds shape and it’s also very durable. It goes with almost every season clothes you can think of. And use it as your everyday essential. Perhaps you also might want to know where the name ‘double’ stands for. Well, the interior is actually crafted with two large compartments; it holds literally everything you need.

The price for the Prada Double Bag is $2.650 USD/€1.800 EUR and its measured 38 x 28 x 18.5 cm (L x H x W. Check out all the colors here.

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