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Sometimes Gucci leads the trend and maybe this Gucci Sunglasses With Charm will become the next trend. Everything is possible, even adding charms on

Is the perfume cases going to be the next trend? Do we really need to purchase a luxury cover for our perfumes? Maybe to

Chanel increased the prices of their Classic Chanel Bags around the world. That includes in Europe and United States and it happened exactly on

Last time we’ve already covered the latest Fendi FF Tote Bag, but like everything in fashion, this bag is now available in different style.

A collector’s item yet useful as a decoration item in your house. I like the colors on the Hermes Smallbox Box, because it feels

If you’re looking for a luxury wallet, meet the Louis Vuitton Pont 9 Compact Wallet. What makes this wallet so gorgeous? Well, first of

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