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  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Balenciaga Classic Voyage Carry-on Suitcase

    You know what they say right? Once a Bag Addict, forever a Bag Addict. Unlike drugs and alcohol, there’s absolutely no turning back. It’s like a hole you fall...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Chanel Coco Pleats Bag Collection

    As requested by one of our members, an introduction of the Chanel Coco Pleats Collection. And as far as we know, this bag is not available for the Spring...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Hermes Mini Berline Bag

    ‘A Sporting Life’ is the slogun when the Hermes Berline Bag was first shown and released in the Fall 2011 Collection. But it wasn’t only the sporty look that...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Chanel Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag in White and New Prices

    A reminder… As the Spring Summer 2014 Collection is moving to its end (you know how quickly it goes), we want to let you know that the Chanel Extra...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Givenchy Pandora Flap Bag

    The Givenchy Pandora Box is known for its distinctive way of carrying – it falls forward when this baby is around your arm. Though it comes in different sizes,...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Chanel Yellow Pearl Clutch

    The Chanel Ombre Clutch Bag that we have dropped recently, looked delicious. Especially the chain strap makes it versatile to use from evening to the night. But if you...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Victoria Beckham Mini Tote

    Today I stopped at the Viktoria Beckham Mini Tote twice and kept staring. I said to myself: ‘There’s something there…’ Something to flaunt yes! I mean, it’s colorful, it’s...

  • hermes bag to watch thumb

    Chanel Classic Flap Bag with Chains

    If there’s anything ‘classic’ about the brand Chanel, then it must be their interwoven chain links. Almost in every single of their ‘most sought after’ bags are embellished with...