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  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Boy Chevron Chain Sequins Bag

    What’s the biggest story of the Fall Winter 2018 Collection Act 2? It’s the Boy with Chain and Sequins. This combination is fresh and never-seen-before. It’s the first time...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Kate Spade Sticker Pockets

    Fashion is one thing, what we sometimes really need is an extra pocket to store essentials. There are moments when we don’t want to carry a big bag, there...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Valentino Bloomy Bag

    Valentino says: ‘lets put the pyramid studs away’. And we are like:’okay’. Then this Valentino Bloomy Bag has born for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. A lovely ladylike handbag,...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    DiorAddict Oblique Chain Clutch


    We have both reviewed the DiorAddict Smooth Clutch With Chain and DiorAddict Wallet On Chain Bags. So the DiorAddict Oblique Chain Clutch is not something we haven’t seen before....

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Sophia Webster Flossy Butterfly Bag

    New in town, but already stealing hearts – the Sophia Webster Flossy Butterfly Bag looks minimalistic yet girly. This Flossy Butterfly style is available in Camera Bag and Clutches...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Gucci Velvet Broadway Bag

    Surprise! Gucci has invented a vintage handbag to fulfill our bag addiction. The designs feel very mixed, which makes it fascinating. On one side, it feels luxurious. On the...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Coco Handle Bag With Elaphe Handle

    The Coco Handle Bag is not only pretty because of its shape, but the handles are available in different leathers. Up until recently, the choices of the handles are...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Saint Laurent Mica Box Bag

    Hatboxes were the hottest fashion in the 80’s. People were using hatboxes for travelling, because they kept the hats straight and tidy. So turning the hatboxes into a handbag,...