Chanel Classic Messenger Bag

Chanel Classic Messenger Bag thumb

If you ask me, which is my favorite bag from the Spring Summer 2021 Collection. I would definitely say, the Chanel Messenger Bag please! It feels like the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag, but redesigned with Chanel iconic elements. And I absolute love it. My favorite mixes are there – the diamond quilting, the woven … Read more

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest designer brands in the world. Some Classic Bags are designed decades ago but are still available today. The oldest bags are the KeepAll Bag, the Speedy Bag and the Noe Bag. They are all introduced in the 1930’s. And combine that with Monogram Canvas, the iconic pattern that … Read more

Louis Vuitton Vintage Monogram Flower 1954 Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton Vintage Monogram Flower Bag Collection thumb

The most beautiful bags that you can collect are historical bags that are brought back to life. Not only are you buying a piece of the brand’s history, but it also gives the design a meaning. Therefore it’s no suprise that you need to look at the Vintage Monogram Flower from 1954. This collection is … Read more

Louis Vuitton Crafty Bag Collection

Louis Vuitton Crafty Bag Collection thumb

As part of the LV Crafty Capsule Collection for Fall 2020 Collection, Louis Vuitton introduces the new eye-catching print. The new graphic vibe take is mixed with Monogram Giant Canvas and bold graffiti-inspired print, covered all over the iconic bags like the On The Go Bag, Speedy Bag and even the Twist Bag got its … Read more