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    Longchamp x Mr. Bags For Chinese New Year

    Instagram @di_classe_femme Celebrating Chinese New Year, Longchamp unleashed a special capsule collection in collaboration with Mr. Bags Who is Mr. Bags? Mr. Bags is an influential Chinese fashion blogger....

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    Hermes 2002 Wallet vs Constance Wallet

    Hermes 2002 Wallet Both wallets are beautiful but each has its own characteristics. You might lean more toward the Constance Wallet because it’s well known and has been with...

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    Chanel Mary Janes Shoes

    Instagram @asafetypin For the Cruise 2019 Collection, Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced the founder Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite shoes – the Mary Jane. Gabrielle Chanel wearing Mary Janes Shoes Just like the...

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    Lady Dior Bag Art #3

    Mini Lady Dior Bag by Morgane Tschiember Price: $8900 USD, €6900 euro, £6300 GBP, ¥980,000 , ₩10,500,000 The special project that will put the Lady Dior above the iconic...

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    Moynat Madeleine Clutch

    We need to fully inform you about the Moynat Madeleine Clutch, which is an under-the-radar bag. The Madeleine Clutch is not like the Madeleine Shoulder Bag, even tough it’s...

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    Louis Vuitton Love Lock Charm Twist Bag

    Love has been declared on the Louis Vuitton Twist Bag. It’s better, prettier and hypnotic. The Love Lock Charms are more than just fashion pieces, they’re eye-catching and making...

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    Chanel Front Leather CC Strap WOC

    Are you down for another WOC? There is a new Chanel Wallet On Chain in town and it was presented during the Fall Winter 2019 Collection Act 2. It’s...

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    Louis Vuitton Locky BB Bag

    The LockMe Bags were amazing, but what’s coming next will make any girl drool. Meet the Louis Vuitton Locky BB Bag, besides it’s small size, the bag is beautiful...