Diorissimo Promenade Envelope Pouch


Pouch? A pouch!!! Don’t worry, it features a shoulder strap. Let just call it a ‘shoulder bag’ or a ‘mini bag’ all right? A beautiful thing and secretly launched by Dior. The name? It’s Diorissimo Promenade Envelope Pouch and it’s gorgeous, isn’t? One glance and I am obsessed… in love. I adore everything about it, … Read more

Street Snaps: Miss Dior Promenade Mini Pouch with Chain

Miss Dior Promenade Mini Pouch with Chain thumb

Enough talking about the Miss Dior Promenade Pouch, it’s time to show the real-life pictures. Until now, we have only showcased the model pictures, though we know that everything-Miss-Dior gotta be pretty, but we just missed ‘the something’, the final touch you know. It gives a different feeling when we observe a real image. Alrighty … Read more

Dior Tribale Promenade Pouch

Dior tribale promenade pouch thumb

When I was sourcing through the internet, eager to find the pretties bag of this week, I found something that made me melt completely, it’s like a lonely ice cream pop lost between the hot summer – I melted, I melted and I melted! Well, I couldn’t wait to share, it’s one of Dior’s latest … Read more

Diorling Large Promenade Pouch


A pouch – let’s be honest, if you already have plenty, don’t you love and them? When do you actually ‘really’ use a pouch like the Diorling Promenade? If you are not the typical 7-days-a-week party freak, then this bag is too small for work and too big to function as a wallet. But you … Read more