Louis Vuitton Waterfall Espadrilles

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The best Espadrilles come and go like the seasons, it’s recommended to grab your favorite pair before they get sold-out or unavailable. And if you pick the ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’ styles, you don’t need to worry about anything – let it sit in your wardrobe until the summer, wear it year after year, it will … Read more

A Closer Look: Louis Vuitton Lockme Backpack

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Every woman has their favorite style-staple and it could be shoes, clothes but most if not all would definitely answer that bags in whatever shape, color, size and style are their best bets. Bags have different styles whether it be a purse, hand bag, tote, clutch, shoulder bag, bucket bag or even a backpack. For … Read more

Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2015 Bag Campaign

Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2015 Bag Campaign thumb

Taking selfie pictures is becoming an usual thing – upload it on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and there’s no bigger online collection of Selfies than on Instagram. And because Selfie is already big thing on the internet, why bother to shoot complicated pictures for the ad campaign. It’s just like what Einstein once said: ‘Everything should … Read more