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  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Marc Jacobs The Box Bag

    The box bags are the next big thing. It is like the backpack trend we had a few years ago. And so MJ created the Marc Jacobs The Box...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Dior CD Hobo Bag


    Can’t get enough of Dior? Well, Dior can’t get enough of us too. They keep poking our obsession for handbags. Isn’t this a crime? Introducing a new bag called...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Deauville Round Bag

    How cute is the Chanel Deauville Round Bag? It’s a brand-new Deauville Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection Act 2. When we first spotted this handbag on Chanel’s...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Hermes Carre Pocket Pouch

    A new fashion piece has just arrived at Hermes. It’s named the Hermes Carre Pocket Pouch and we are so in love. The word ‘carre’ means square in French...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Fendi Kan I F Backpack

    When there is a huge iconic symbol hanging on a bag, is it possible to resist? Meet the Fendi Kan I F Backpack. Words can’t express how I’m feeling...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Dior Spring Summer 2019 Runway Bag Collection

    Designer brands are changing their games. Dior is changing as well by reintroducing the Saddle Bag but also creating new logos like the DIOR logo on the DiorEvolution Bag...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Casual Style Hobo Bag

    Chanel has become one of the top high fashion brands in the world. Wearing anything on the streets that has details of Chanel is going to be like walking...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Celine C Bag

    Just when the Celine 16 Bag was announced, which we’re expecting to become the house’s next icon, another new handbag was introduced on Celine’s instagram. It’s called the Celine...