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  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Saint Laurent All Over Studs Duffle Bag

    The Saint Laurent’s famous Duffle Bag has been reinterpreted. We know that quilting has become an important part in the high fashion world. So why not mix it with...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Valentino Garavani Mini Rockstud Bag

    Who is the prettiest Valentino Bag in the world? I would say the Valentino Garavani Mini Rockstud Bag. Why? Because it’s easy-going, minimalistic and it has those iconic pyramid...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Miss Dior Bag Reintroduced


    For as far I can remember, the Miss Dior Bag that I knew didn’t looked like this. But we’re talking about several years ago. We also like to refresh...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Mini Chevron Shoulder Bag

    Instagram @lux_brands_boutique More bags mean more love. The Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Collection is full of surprises. For example, this Chanel Mini Chevron Shoulder Bag. It’s as pretty as...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Longchamp Amazone Bag

    Introducing the latest Longchamp Amazone Bag. It’s a streamlined looking yet timeless handbag for everyday use. The price is quite affordable for such a popular luxury brand, especially as...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Chanel Knock On Wood Top Handle Bag

    Crafted with wood and tweed, meet the newest Chanel Knock On Wood Top Handle Bag for Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2. Can it compete against the Coco Handle...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Hermes Color Guide

    Rouge Vif, Rose Pourpre, Vermillon Rouge Grenat, Bordeaux, Rouge Pivoine Bordeaux, Rubis, Rouge Casaque Brique, Geranium Rose Sakura, Rose Candy, Flamingo Blue Agate, Turquoise, Blue Saint-Cyr Blue Atoll, Blue...

  • Tods-Spring-Summer-2019-Runway-thumb

    Louis Vuitton Riverside Bag

    The latest Louis Vuitton Riverside Bag makes you go O.M.G. It’s the first-time-ever that we have spotted an extremely chic tote bag with an extra large LV logo charm....