Nicholas Kirkwood Ankle Boot in Black: Geometric Queen

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Nicholas Kirkwood Ankle Boot in Black: Geometric Queen


They say you can never go wrong with a pair of black shoes, but Nicholas Kirkwood Ankle boots are not ordinary shoes. They are styled from the top to the toe, and the beauty… the beauty is all in the details.

It’s okay to walk with a pair of simple boots, I don’t like people staring at my shoes either and saying in their minds: ‘Her shoes are nahh, a bit too much…’. But I do love people to look at my boots once or twice and ask me: ‘I like your shoes, where did you buy it?’. The Nicholas Kirkwood Ankle boot is all about that, it’s different, but then subtle and elegantly cool. It’s modern, but not overly excited or screaming for attention.

The geometric shaped accent separates your shoes from your friends. It’s chic, but works great with your casual outfit too, just don’t try to pair them with your slouchy pants. The metallic heel, so gorgeous, it looks like a piece of a deluxe furniture sitting in the house of a modern heiress. Definitely a beauty, but when would you wear them? At Forward by Elyse Walker for $1,280.



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