Most Favorite: Prada Messenger Bag


Whenever Prada makes something as simple as a microfiber messenger bag, you know it’s still going to be better than the typical messenger bag.

Made in a super-soft microfiber-leather combo, the Prada Messenger Bag is the perfect mix of quality and casual. Being in the midst of festival season, we’re reminded that luxurious, ornate handbags are not ideal for every occasion under the sun—quite literally. Something like the Prada Messenger Bag is perfect for those hot summer days you’re going to be spending at music festivals and concerts, where all you need is a no-fuss bag to carry essentials like sunscreen, shades, and your wallet.

A mini messenger bag is the companion you’ll want for when you’re going to be in a crowded place—the mall, a sports arena, a concert venue—and need to able to pay attention to something other than where you put your bag. The nylon adjustable strap makes it comfortable for a full day of adventure, and the perfect size minimizes the likelihood of being weighed down by the bag’s contents.

Messenger bags are sporty by nature, so it will be ready for whatever you throw its way—whether it’s moshing at a concert or cheering on your favorite sports team. The neutral colors will be a no-fuss add-on to whatever you choose to wear, and the low-maintenance ease will leave you free to worry about nothing but having a good time.




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