Missoni x Globe Trotter Limited Edition Luggage Case


Missoni x Globe Trotter 13′ Utility Case
Size: 32′ x 24′ x 12′ inches
Price: £1235 GBP

Usually, when two fashion companies come together to collaborate, something fresh and especially limited will be introduced in store. Now… a very rare collaboration has occurred recently – Missoni and Globe Trotter has made a limited Luggage Case, check it out..

Globe Trotter is famous for designing luggage that is both gorgeous and functional. Now for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection, these Missoni luggages’s will be available.

There are three sizes; 13’ inch, 21’ inch and 30’ inch. The 13’ inch utility case is the smallest, the 21’inch is a trolley case and the 30’ inch is an extra large deep suitcase.

How much space do you need?

Each size is made with a different but gorgeous interior print. Each suitcase is formed from an elegant Ivory vulcanized fibreboard and to replicate Missoni’s brick-red colour, Globe Trotter has taken a new approach to its reinforced corners by lacquering reversed fibreboard – giving it an aged and distresses appearance.

Each piece of fabric has been knitted on Missoni’s heritage looms in Sumirago, you will love these limited edition suitcases. Available via Globe-trotter e-store.




Missoni x Globe Trotter 21′ Trolley Case
Size: 54′ x 38′ x 18′ inches
Price: £2130 GBP




Missoni x Globe Trotter 30″ Extra Deep Suitcase
Size: 83′ x 47′ x 26′ inches
Price: £2355 GBP




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