LuLu Guinness Lips Spinner Case: “Kiss GoodBye”

Winter is already coming up and I can’t think of a better spot than to travel to big cities like Paris, New York or Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. Streets are decorated with lights and Christmas trees, you can literally feel Santa in your stomach. And the snow that feels cold on your hands, but that’s alright, because it adds a tremendous atmosphere to your surroundings. I love it.

So what’s new? Lulu Guinness introduced a series of improved spinner cases; they have kisses all over the place and the statement? It says ‘Kiss Goodbye’ to all your friends and family when you go traveling. It comes in four separate colors; white, black, pink and red, in other words: white simple and bright, black and chic, pink and glam or red and attention to all. The cases are made practical; they are hard-covered strong and high impact resistance. For a luggage, its pretty light weighed and there’s a new push button operation system constructed; push and open, effortless.

Specially designed for chic girls who love to bring fashion to the airport, the medium size is already enough to fit your most essential belongings like clothes and accessories and still there’s some extra space left for your souvenirs, gifts and holiday purchases. The luggage is guaranteed to keep your personal stuff safe and well, that’s Lulu Guinness first priority. And even if the large size doesn’t fit into the big picture of your life because you don’t travel long distance, the small spinner case is just too cute not too take home as it is ideal for the long peaceful weekend break that you’ve been longing for so long.

The prices are £245 GBP (Large), £225 GBP (Medium) and £195 GBP (Small) at Lulu Guinness e-store.


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