Louis Vuitton The Art of Travel Ad Campaign


The latest Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign – ‘The Art of Travel’ reminds us once again about its rich and long traditional travel collection. Well-designed luggage that never-breaks has the lusting appearance like a treasure box. The only thing that secures your bag from rebels and thieves is an iconic Louis Vuitton golden lock, which I belief has more of a decorative purpose than functional. The sophisticated monogram canvas is still, even today, recognized as the symbol of this brand.

Perhaps this is the reason why Nicolas Ghesquière retro the ‘Malle Trunk’ into a tiny Petite Malle shoulder bag for the Fall 2014 Collection. He understands and respects the history and heritage behind Louis Vuitton and most importantly, the Petite Malle shoulder has never been done before.

Imagine beyond the Art of Travel Campaign; it’s more than bags and looks, it’s trying to convey a story. Freedom – go wherever you want, to the most exotic countries, maintain your fashion no matter where you travel and only then the spotlight will follow you.






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