Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Sprouse Pouchette

As Marc Jacobs is leaving his position at Louis Vuitton, the memories goes back to his achievement and the amazing collaboration that resulted in stunning modern bags. At the same time that Murakami released his flower and cherry prints, Stephen Sprouse on the other hand, was busy designing his own creation in attempt to claim his thrown. The Louis Vuitton Sprouse pouchette is another limited edition that has been introduced in 2001. As you can see, Stephen is famous for its graffiti printed clothes, which were tremendous hit in the 1983. He has taken his years of experience and knowledge and put it all into this bag, and of course, all were made possible with a little help of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and expertise in designing bags. Louis Vuitton and Nottiuv sioul were engraved on the monogram background, constructed with short and thin handle, which is good to carry by hand. The handle can be removed and changed into an evening pouch. It’s truly an art with a twist of punk style. Carry it when you are out and about. At Shopbop for $1,300 USD.


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