Longchamp Le Pliage Saint-Valentin Bag


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Longchamp Le Pliage Saint-Valentin Bag


All you need for Valentine is the special edition of the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag. Give your bf a hint!

For the guys; this is the best way to express yourself (especially when you are too shy to say these words), now let Longchamp help you with that, al right?

Every girl loves the Longchamp Le Pliage Bag – it’s easy, simple and popular. For the Valentines day, Longchamp designed the special edition Longchamp Le Pliage Saint-Valentin Bag. This bag is printed with questions or things you should tell the person you love like:

– Say yes
– Be mine
– All you need is love
– You are amazing
– Je crois que je t’aime (I think I love you)
– Just the way you are

It’s fun and romantic, there’s no better way to let the other person know how much you care and love her. Longchamp: ‘This year, lovebirds simply use the pin badge to select one of the passionate phrases printed on the bags in the line’.

Measuring 11,75’ x 11’ x 7.75’ inches, priced at $170 USD or €95 euro via Longchamp

Oh oh, and the color of this bag is pink!


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