Limited Edition Laduree Little Sailor Macaroon Summer Box


There are three things we love: holiday, shopping (bags) and food. If we could do all these three things every single day, I don’t think we will ever get bored.

Now here’s something different, the limited collection Laduree Little Sailor Macaroon Box. You can try to carry it like a clutch, but when opened, a delicious smell and colorful cookies will spark in your eyes.

And it’s not only that, the box is purposely made to match the cookies and the brand. Laduree, what do you think? Paradise, fairytale and plenty of water-mouthing cakes. The box can be used as a home décor, when the cookies are disappeared in your tummy.

For Laduree Little Sailor Macaroon, you can choose fourteen different flavors and if you are in Paris anytime soon, now you know where to hunt food. Or you can give it a gift to your best friend or family.


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