Lady Dior Multi-Card Holder


Though the size is small and can only carry cards, we needed to share the Lady Dior Multi-Card Holder because it looks so irresistible. I hope they have a wallet version of it, because it’s pulling me toward it.

But anyways, there are plenty of reasons to have a Multi-Card Holder. You see, besides credit cards, bankcards and ID cards (including driver license), we have to deal with many other cards like supermarket bonus cards, gift cards or business cards. Life is hard, isn’t it?

So carrying the Lady Dior Multi-Card Holder inside your bag isn’t a bad idea after all. And it can free some space in your wallet to store other essentials.

Well, this Lady Dior piece is timeless and a work of art, enhanced by Cannage Stitching with charming silver hardware. Made from patent calfskin, the ingenious and practical interior allows you to organize all cards to perfection.

Now let’s talk about the inside; 9 gusset compartments and 2 credit card slots. Measuring 10.5 x 7.5 cm, priced at €450 euro or £410 GBP via Dior boutiques.




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